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Turkey calls

Pot Calls- all pot calls come with a two-piece striker with heads that I personally turn! I will choose from purpleheart, hickory, bocote, cherry, or mulberry striker shafts depending on how they sound on pots.

  1. Materials
    • Wood- Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Osage, Purple Heart, Rosewood,
    • Stabilized Wood- Maple Burl, Cherry Burl, Curly Willow (please call for availability)
  2. Playing Surfaces
    • Glass
    • Slate

Strikers – I am able to offer one-piece strikers that I personally turn. These strikers are available in many different exotic and domestic woods. From time to time I will offer two-piece strikers that feature exotic woods and other materials. Contact me if you would like to discuss these options.

  • Woods- Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Ebony, Snakewood, Hickory, Purple Heart, Paduak, Bocote

Mouth calls

Captivator – This call is a batwing call. It features one blue latex reed over two thin prophylactic reeds. The prophylactic reeds allow you to run this call with minimal air for whines and purrs yet really get on it for loud cuts and yelps.

Dixie Yelper – two reed split V call. Because of its two reed design and light stretch, this call is very easy to blow and is very raspy. Great for soft, close-in work.

Enticer – 3 reed batwing cut with slightly higher reed tension than Pitt Boss. Another versatile call that is great for all-around calling. Lots of rasps and easy to blow. Always have one with me in the woods.

Pitt Boss – 3 reed batwing cut call. It has less tension than my other two batwing cut calls. Easy blowing call that is good for all types of calling with lots of rasps. One of my favorite calls because it has plenty of backbone for loud yelps and cuts yet I can kee kee and call softly on it.

Prima Dona – 2 ½ reed Ghost cut call that is excellent for soft calls and really good for kee-kees and whines. Has a good amount of rasp but is better for close-in work as opposed to hard cutting. It is a great call for beginners to learn how to get two-note yelp.

Seducer – three reed combo style cut. Popular for those callers that cut a lot. It has a moderate amount of rasp with a light stretch.

Viper – three reed Split V call. Very raspy with light stretch. More back-bone than Dixie Yelper and more suited for louder calling.

Vixen – three reed Split V call. Greater reed tension than Viper. Raspy call that is very good for cutting and yelping. One of my most popular calls.


My deer calls consist of a two-piece all wood body. They all are fully adjustable and are able to replicate all the sounds of deer- from the deep guttural grunts of mature bucks to the medium pitched grunts of younger bucks and does to the bleats of yearling deer and does in estrus.

Locator Calls

Owl -My owl calls are each hand-turned by me! They feature a two-piece all-wood body. They will produce all the sound of a barred owl- from the soft hoots all the way up to loud laughs. They are sure to make gobblers give away their location. Works best in predawn/ morning settings but will continue to work throughout the day!

  • Types of wood-Bocote, Green Mountain Camo
  • Upon request, I can make from Cherry, Walnut, Zebrawood, Cocobolo, Bubinga, as well as stabilized burls

Crow -My crow calls are made with wood body and plastic mouthpiece and reeds. Used from early morning to late afternoon, a crow call can induce a shock Gobble without giving your human presence away. Easy to blow and learn how to reproduce sounds that crows commonly make.

Woodpecker -The sound of a pileated woodpecker is another common sound present in nature. However, this loud sound will often elicit a shock gobble from a Tom turkey when other more common calls will not. One of the easiest locators calls to blow! My woodpecker call features a very compact design that utilizes a high brass shotgun shell and wood body- as you can see it is smaller than a standard turkey load

Squirrel Calls- You can use one of these calls to get an old bushy tail to give away his hiding place up in the limbs of an oak or hickory tree. Even a youngster can operate this call which produces the soft and loud barks of squirrels.

I can make these calls from almost any wood you can think of… Just pick one from my list or call for a specific wood.
WOODS -Cherry, Oak, Bocote, Osage, Bubinga, Maple, Cocobolo, Walnut, Green Mountain Laminate

Stabilized wood

I  offer calls made with stabilized wood. These call blanks have been put under a vacuum. Then resin-sometime dyed rein- is pulled into the entire call blank before it is then heat cured. After the blank is cured it is then impervious to water and temperature changes that can sometimes cause wood to shrink, swell, or warp! This process allows me to use burls and other beautiful woods that are normally not suited to call-making. I always have a stock of these blanks on hand for customers that want a custom one-of-a-kind call.  Please call if you have questions about pricing and availability.

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