Stabilized Pot Calls


Stabilized Pot Calls – made from stabilized wood.

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Stabilized Pot Calls – made from stabilized wood.

These call blanks have been put under a vacuum. Then resin, sometimes dyed rein, is pulled into the entire call blank before it is heat cured.  After the blank is cured, it is then impervious to water and temperature changes that can sometimes cause wood to shrink, swell, or warp!

This process allows me to use burls and other beautiful woods that are normally not suited to call making.

I always have a stock of these blanks on hand for customers that want a custom one of a kind call. Please call if you have questions about pricing and availability.  The calls shown represent the wood and general look of the call.

stabilized pot call types

Buckey Burl, Green dyed ambrosia maple, Green dyed box elder, Green dyed curly cottonwood, Green dyed maple burl, Natural curly cottonwood, Yellow dyed curly cottonwood

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